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My name is Jonathan Owen Binder, but just call me Jon. I am originally from the windy city of Chicago, lived in Atlanta for a while, and I am now settling into Portland with my wife.  My career has focused on content creation, development and strategy.  Whether it’s an audio story, article, video, marketing campaign, or tweet, I aim to create honest, relatable content for the audience to connect with and enjoy. I’ve worked in a variety of mediums, leading content creation from inception to execution and audience engagement. While in Atlanta, I have developed content and social strategy for CNN and CNN Radio. I also established the brand and signature sound for the flagship CNN Radio News Day program. Now as I explore Portland, I am excited to share my experience, imagination, and flavor.


Instagramers complain, Instagram backtracks

Memories of the Jersey Shore  [Edward R. Murrow Award winning piece produced by Jonathan Binder]

Loss of legs, not life  [produced by Jonathan Binder]

The volatile mix of Tweets and trades

Asteroid kind of headed toward Earth

You want to hear more? …seriously? ARCHIVE

big projects



Enjoy the following photographs from both my professional and personal collections [click on thumbnail for a popup gallery]
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In my time with CNN Radio, I have worked hard to help the brand, both in the sound and presence on the web. I developed a social media strategy with CNN Promotions that included the use of Twitter, SoundCloud and the CNN Radio blog on CNN.com. Then like a mad scientist, I went to work developing the audio signature of CNN Radio. This involved the sound of CNN Radio News Day and the original audio logos. Feel free to listen to a few examples of my audio branding.

I created the the very first post on the new CNN Radio Soundwaves blog. This roughly three minute audio story was crafted to relaunch CNN Radio to the world and help explain our mission. CNN Radio claimed to be experts in audio, so this post had to display our skills, innovation and imagination. I wrote, voiced, and produced this audio experience. I am proud of the casual, purposeful writing and inventive sound editing.


Commets, questions, advice or just saying hello is welcome!